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British Dragon Sustabol 350 is fire. You can’t get these ingredients separately but will be more that $150 and here you have all in one vial in adequate dosages and good price. This is an amazing deal plus bitcoins is accepted.
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Real Experience of Sustabol. Well, you need to understand using steroids will not give you always the desired result. For example, for me I followed a 10 week cycle not 14, and I stack with dianabol for bulking. I inject 250mg/week of sustabol and I took two weeks off before starting a new cycle.
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Hello. I’m a 45 years old and recently, I’ve noticed decreases energy levels and decreased libido. I read many positive reviews about British Dragon Sustabol 350 on forum. I’ll tell you what – this stuff is amazing. I already feel more energetic and my libido has already dramatically improved. Now I am sleeping much better. This stuff really works! Just wanted to say thank you to IronPharm team.
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I have been using sustabol 350 for about 18 months, it is one of the most powerful testosterone blend I’ve used. Some of the benefits I enjoy are increases in testosterone, muscle growth, stamina, endurance. Thanks British Dragon for great product
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I used this for bulking for 12 weeks, I used it at 2ml/week stacked with Turan for the first 4 weeks. Worked great!
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Good work and great shipping as always, package received in 16 days, the product by British Dragon is the level, top quality, love this brand, communication was great and best attitude with customers, Recommended to all my friends… Thanks
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