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jesse robert

Always buy gears from trusted sources..........I have no experience with naps gear, according to what I read on other forums naps is also good source, but my first source was relative is a new source (2 3 years) on market but it satisfies all my requirements from shipping to gear price

z sereg


The number 1 site to get any of compound needs. You can order either domestic or internationally. Domestic comes lightning fast usually in under a week. Internationally almost all my orders have came in under 3 weeks, The products from all sources are 100 percent legit they have lab tests for most products. You will not be upset ordering or using this source. I will never use any other source and will never need to.

tobby naps

naps gear legit

I love naps gear everything is legit. If you order domestic the shipping time is 5 to 10 days. Ive never had any problems with anything Ive ever ordered from there everything shows up on time and it was all legit. Their easy to get in touch with and alot of good advice on their website. You can earn cash and rewards. They are my number 1 most trusted site to buy from.


naps gear is not clear with user

Ive been buying from Naps for YEARS now. Quite ok equipment. Some labs are obviously better than others, and most are overrated by people giving 5-star reviews in exchange for free gear. I have a problem with this. Once I left a bad review and they removed it. Are you wondering why you only read positive reviews about Naps? NO BUSINESS in the world is so perfect. The fact that they dont offer a way to leave reviews on their site other than gear reviews for me is sketchy AF. Anyone claiming to receive their gear internationally within 1-7 days is fake. Takes 2-3 days to arrive from overseas. Not to mention the CUSTOMS. Who best needs 4-10 days to process your package. Right now Im just waiting for my last package with NAPS. 38 working days have passed. 6 weeks and it is obvious that the package has been lost based on the tracking information. And their customer service sucks ***! at the moment. Not what it used to be. All you have to do is read the information on the tracking page to you. As if you couldnt see it yourself. Now they tell me to wait another 20 days. Do the math. Way too long and they dont even try to be understanding. You cant have a successful cycle by waiting 60 business days for a package that took 4 days to arrive in my country from the other side of the world. The way the customer service sucks now and they dont allow any US CUSTOMER TO LEAVE REVIEWS AT OUR CONVENIENCE IS NOT TRANSPARENT. DO NOT BELIEVE ME? Go to the site yourself and at the bottom left you will see the option: REVIEWS FOR CASH


naps review

It seems like it is difficult to find reliable gear sources. Napsgear appears to be the solution. The most recent purchase was HCG, which was placed around the holidays at the end December. My product arrived in 2 weeks, which was more than I expected. My order arrived safely in a discreet box with no leakage or breakage. Communication was excellent and customer service was outstanding. I will definitely order again!


napsgear org is a legit site for getting gear carry all top brands dragon GP XTLABS,Intex pharma and many many more Ive done about 13 orders on never had problem yet and all products are great quality or they do not let them on the site. Provides descriptions of all products how to use plus you can ask experts and other patrons of site they run weekly specials and all kinds of stuff to earn store credit it is best site I know of and continue to use I will always suggest using for all your needs they are top notch and easy to navigate site highly recommend it

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