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Dragon pharma enantate

I bought enantat 2 vials and get 15 % off for first order with this source, I read reviews that dragon enantat is fire, thinking to use it 2 ml per/ week, I will be happy if someone can give me some advice if is OK 2ml.


dragon pharma shop

This is my first time order with, and im very happy to find it, because they have best service, no any problem with preparing order, ship it, communication, or delivery time, good variety of products and price!


Worst PIP Ever

I purchased TestoBlend350 and just started injecting just .5 ml twice a week to test it out. Poked upper right glute. Seemed to be okay until next day. Had an egg sized lump and hurt like hell. Well, I thought maybe it just went in wrong. So, I tried upper left glute 4days later and immediately after injection got egg sized lump. Took weeks to go away, actually still feeling it now. Ive have never had such reactions to PEDs. I am not a complainer and even contacted the DragonPharma site to ask what preservative and/or base oil was used (there is no description on bottle or site), maybe Im allergic to something. They told me to see a Dr. and contact person who sold it to me;which is impossible. They know there is no way to contact sellers. I am dissapointed and pissed. Kind of strange how there are no negative reviews. Curious to see if this makes it.


Dragon Pharma site

The site is easy to buy and place the order, more payment option and fantastic customer service. Top variety of steroids products, but i use only dragon pharma. The site is true. Thank you


dragon enantate 400 reviews

It was an easy 12lbs gain and 1-3% body fat loss for me with dp enantat 400. Everything was better, my mood, energy, and even my libido increase! I also noticed an increase in my strength and endurance during my workouts. Dragon Pharma best!!


legit dragon pharma

What a great and legit source. I ordered 2 vials of masteron 100, i never used before but i heard about is really capable of doing great results. Excellent communication and responds within 24 hours. Everything from start to finish was very smooth. Great job dp team


dragon pharma source

My order was: Dragon pharma 50mg Anavar 100 tabs, 20mg Nolvadex and 10 ml vials cypionat 250 also i get and Axiolabs T3 50 pills, as i know this is new brand on market. This is my first experience with buydp, but I am certain this wont be my last!!! This source rock. They will get my future orders as long as they continue to be reliable and solid. They also have a fast communication. This source is much better than dragonpharmastore, or dragonpharma net


dragon pharam

this is one stop shop for pretty much everything you need for your workouts!


Dragon Pharma reviews

My experience with Dragon Pharma has been as so much as expected. I've been using Dp products for over 5 years, and their customer service is best.


Sustanon 270 & Deca 300

The products are working excellent! I’m in my sixth week of a 10 week cycle and I’ve gone from 175 to 192 so far. My lifts have also gone up dramatically. And yes, I have increased my workout intensity… I’ve been training like an absolute animal. Using your products help my body recover much quicker. Also the guidance that I have received from your company is second to none. I highly recommend you. Thanks


dragon cycle

HOLY FUCK. I have been blasting for almost a year now. Started around 155 pounds, and I'm now a lean 191. This current shredding cycle has helped affirm that every pound I gained was strictly muscle. I used: Test E400 (1/2cc 2x week) - Tren E200 ( 1-1/4cc 2x week) - EQ 500 (1cc 2x week)


Dragon Pharma Shop

Top Dragon Pharma shop. Easy navigate to shop. They sell only most popular brands of steroids. Discreet package, very confidential. time delivery is 15-18 days. happy to use again this gear pharmacy.

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