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Jacked Daniels

Been scammed so many times, I have lost count. These guys have been coming through for me the past year and a half. I think its important, that when you find a legit source - to go out of your way and make a post somewhere. Doing this will help the legit suppliers, and hurt the scammers. Instead of someone spending money with scammers - they will spend that money with a legit supplier! If you have been using a legit supplier - make a post somewhere!

5 is a legit site for getting gear carry all top brands dragon GP XTLABS,Intex pharma and many many more Ive done about 13 orders on never had problem yet and all products are great quality or they do not let them on the site. Provides descriptions of all products how to use plus you can ask experts and other patrons of site they run weekly specials and all kinds of stuff to earn store credit it is best site I know of and continue to use I will always suggest using for all your needs they are top notch and easy to navigate site highly recommend it

fit at 50

Finest Gears

Definitely should consider looking into Finest Gears if wanting to get products. I have been using them for about a year. All orders have been managed and shipped in a timely manner. I have had great results with all products I have used.


Athletes pharmacy

I neected to adjust the stars on my last review but I want to state my review of athletes pharmacy is certainly 5 stars and more! See my last review and the positive things I wrote.



Excellent product selection and ordering process. Packages arrive on time. Give excellent advice concerning AAS cycles and PCT. Huge Tom is an excellent resource always willing to assist your order, give advice etc. I will be a loyal customer

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