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fast shipping

The ordering process is simple and efficient. Delivery is done quickly only 10 days and the packaging is professional and secure. Products x 3 sustaplex by axio labs


best place to buy steroids

this is one of the best source which I used


the anabolic store

Panda Roids has exceptional customer service. The team is always on hand to answer any questions or concerns that users might have. They take a personalized approach to customer service, ensuring that everyone is looked after to the highest standards. ordered x3 anavar dragon pharma and 6 vials of testosterone cypionate


buy steroid online

Panda Roids is an absolutely amazing store. Having used their products for many years now, I can confidently say that they are a top source that sales high quality and effective steroids. One of the reasons why I absolutely love Panda Roids is because very easy to navigate, incredibly smooth

5 review

I left this review also on hypermuscles forum but i will do and here. I recently had the pleasure of ordering from and I have to say, they truly exceeded my expectations. The entire process from start to finish was immensely smooth and hassle-free. Not only did I receive my products quickly, the Mr. Panda was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the entire ordering process. One of the standout features of panda roids is their user-friendly website. The interface was easy to navigate, and I was able to find everything I needed quickly and efficiently. Their product descriptions were detailed and informative, which helped me make an informed decision when choosing which supplements to purchase. The quality of the products I received was exceptional. They were true to their advertised dosage and I was able to achieve the results I was looking for. In comparison to other companies I've ordered from in the past, products were of a much higher quality. Overall, I would highly recommend Panda Roids and Mr. Panda to anyone looking to purchase high-quality steroids. From their fast shipping to their attentive customer support, they truly offer a top-notch experience for their customers. I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.


panda roids legit

My first order arrived after 13 days, while the second one made its way through US brand in just 7 days. Unfortunately, it was seized but promptly replaced free of charge. So, even with the inevitable seizure, there were no issues. The replacement process was swift and hassle-free.

Brad B

Excellent product and even better product

I have been ordering from Panda for over a year and have only had 1 issue. My order was for some reason returned to sender even though my address was correct. This was no fault of Pandas since they had everything correct. I reached out to Panda and filed a claim ticket. Within a day they had reached back out to me. They were able to figure out the issue and get me what I ordered all within a span of two days. Every order I jave placed with them, I have gotten clear communication of shipment and payment processing. I typically received the product in discreet, protective packaging. The product itself is great quality (Dragon Pharma) and I have at times put on 30 lbs of lean muscle.


Panda Roids review

I recently tried out Ultima Pharma Communication was swift and the product arrived quickly within the EU. On initial delivery I received Test-Propionate instead of the Sustanone ordered, but the case was immediately addressed after notification and the product was replaced. Product quality is great and it can be used in small doses to obtain positive effects. Customer service is exemplary; all queries were answered promptly, including with a fast replacement for incorrect products received. The product also arrives in special packaging undetectable as to its contents. Delivery here again was incredibly fast at 7 days within the EU and without issue. I highly recommend them based on their efficient customer service, correct products and promotions offering great prices. See photos attached from my account for further reference.


dragon pharma with panda

This was my first order with Panda and I can say I wasnt disappointed, great products and service. I was really impressed with the website and all the different product to choose from. Panda store is always stocked up so you are never waiting for a product to get in, which to me is a big plus. Communication was good, sent several email and got replies that say day. Other than emails I didnt have any other type of communication with Panda but they also have online support. I received my package 15 day total from start to finish which is very good for international orders. All Dragon Pharma products except the caber which was Pfizer. 1 x DP Anavar 4 x DP Tren Acetate 100 3 x DP Test Prop 100 2 x DP Aromasin 2 x DP Clomid 1 x Brand Cabaser 1mg Quality of product was very good, oil was clear and no pip with Tren or Test P. This was my first time using Tren A so I started really slow at 40mg ED and went up every week 10mg till I reached 70mg ED. By the end of the 12 weeks I was up 15lbs, my pumps were great and sometimes painful and I dropped down in BF which was expected. Test P 1-12@ 35mgED Tren A 1-10 @70mgED Aro [email protected] EOD also ran through PCT Caber 1-10@ .5 EOD as needed Clomid 100/100/50/50 Now getting ready to run another cycle in may, cant wait.


panda kalpa supplier

Got Test E by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals from my favorite sources panda store. I check it on kalpa web site and i know that panda is approved supplier. I love kalpas enanthate. Works great if I run it alone but also when I stack it with other gear. Quality gains and strength increase


Panda Store review

I dont understand why Panda store source is not as popular as Crazybulk, definitely must be on the top


anavar dragon pharma

Iam on weeks 4 with Dragon Pharma Anavar 40 mg per day, excellent result


panda roids store

trusted store with top brands and products, recently I ordered again 100 tabs of anavar by dragon pharma thinking to used them soon after winter holidays, i know anavar from dp is one of the best oxandrolone. recommend shop here


clenbutaplex axilabs by panda roids

clenbutaplex tablets by Axio labs magical stuff, if youre in a weight loss program, this will sure help you


Panda Roids Review

I have placed an order with testabol enanthate by british dragon, so Im waiting to see when the orders come in. So far panda roids service is amazing, they respond immediately when you have a question. Will be updating my post soon, so I will keep everyone informed.


panda shop

this is my first contact with PandaRoids, I found them on steroids forum with great promo, free sciroxx testosterone, test e, test c and test p. He let me in and I decide to run short cycle with test e, at that time I had no experience with sciroxx, excellent enanthate from them, no pain on injection zone. they are pretty decent and you might want to give a shot to the test. its pretty nice that a source remembers its customers and take care of them.

Max Buff

PandaRoids Review

This review is about only shipping. I know Panda more than one year, this source is credible, real and legal, heres why I am a loyalty customer. In one and a half years I ordered more than 5 or 6 times, I forget how many times I ordering from them. But its not this my message, last time I was pleasantly surprise, order arrive in only 7 days Wow its just amazing. I know they do international shipment and my last order is no exception, and also I know they have a fast delivery but I didnt think will be so fast. In that period, I had and a domestic order which arrived in 2 days later compare with Panda. LOL Thank you PandaRoids that you are good source!

big XLL

panda review

The website designer helps quickly and easily to create orders with any problems. Easy to understand and reliable. What more do you want.


trenbolone from panda

My favorite source. Love this source, very easy to do business, communication was on point, product come very quickly and package was secure and discreet. I recently order from them Trenbolone, product works extremely well. I was afraid of pip but to my surprise everything was ok. I definitely recommend, and I will definitely order from them.

James L

fully recommend

I can fully recommend this store. From the consultation to the execution, everything was very professional and the cooperation also worked very well. All the best!!!

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