Dragon Pharma Reviews

Dragon Pharma Reviews


Dragon Pharma is a leading manufacturer and distributor worldwide. Its mission is to distribute a wide range of modern and innovative medicines of the highest quality. Dragon Pharma fulfills its mission through continued implementation and development of products, keeping products quality high and successful collaboration with the medical community.


Dragon Pharma Products Reviews


Injectable Steroids

1-Test Cyp 100

Cut Long 300

Cut Mix 150

Cypionat 250

Deca 300

Deca 500

Enantat 250

Enantat 400

EQ 200 / Test e 200

EQ 300

EQ 500

Masteron 100

Masteron 200

NPP 150

Parabolan 100

Primobolan 100

Primobolan 200

Propionat 100

Suspension 100

Testo Blend 350

Trenbolone 100

Trenbolone 200

Trenbolone 50

Tri-Tren 150

Undecanoate 250

Winstrol 50


Sustanon 270

Deca 200/NPP 150

Oral Steroids

Anavar 10

Anavar 50

Dianabol 20 mg

Dianabol 50 mg


Methyl-1-Test 10

Oral Tren


Primo Tabs



Superdrol 10


Winstrol 10 mg

Winstrol 50mg Tabs

PBC 157

Post Cycle Therapy








Weight Loss Pills






Sexual Wellness

Cialis DP

Viagra DP

Human Growth Hormone


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18 Reviews


great delivery

Delivery arrived in over a week for international and was discreetly packaged with no indication of what the contents could be, inside the vials and hgh were packaged with bubble wrap and kept safe from damage in transit.



tried the first vial and it was gtg but iam hoping to get the same results from there anadrol amp; test E? i got 10 vials coming.


dragon pahrma test e, dbol and winny

Cycle that I decided to go with are test e, dbol, winny and anadrol. These AAS are amazing. Not using all this cycle before. Running the dbol weeks 1-4 with Test e weeks 1-12; And then running again weeks 1-12; with Winstrol weeks 1-6 in another cycle. Saving the Anadrol for another time.



All reviews posted are from Dec 15 and Sept 16??? A little shady


dragon pharama test 350 blend, tren and deca

Ordered dragon pharama test 350 blend, tren and deca, order was wrong. They sent me 4 bottles of test undecanate, contacted support, they reshipped the 3 bottles. Gear came in, tested it using RoidTest kit, all good on quality. 2nd batch. I ordered test, hcg, nolvadex, and clomid. Reason being is i had actually been on cycle and was coming down. Well, due to my ignorance and trusting DP, i injected my left cheek with the test 350, understand Ive been doing this for almost 2 years and have had no issues self administering my jabs. So the next day, my injection site is swollen red and hot the the touch, this goes on and gets progressively worse over the course of the week until eventually i go to the ER, currently awaiting a positive ID on the substance as 1. The bottle was clear but after breaching the seal the substance is now milky white, tested it against the substance kit and its not coming back Which also scares me to use the clomid,hcg, and nolvadex as i am unable to verify the legitimacy of those substances. Help support has not responded in 10 days.


propionate from dragon

Great experience, 3 orders successful arrived, use Propionat 100 by dragon pharma and active substances is Testosterone Propionate, fascinant, love test prop, really work, really quality gear, 100% legit and best product. I reccomend Dragon Pharma products, is top and 5+


Dragon Pharm aReview

Dragon Pharma offer excellent and quality steroids, i use Dragon gears already over 10 years and during all this time never regretted the quality of this products. Perfect products as always. My record with my verified store has more than 50 orders (only Dragon Pharma Products). Concerning about dragon pharma oil, i can say that is very professional, crystal clear oils, and very important that they are of very good quality and work perfectly.


dp review

Just recently placed a major order from Dragon Pharma. It came in less than half the time they told me to expect it. The product has been varied by the manufacturer and the test results showed that it is 100% real. I am definitely happy with them and will stay with them for a long time.

Grace Ovy

enanthate cycle

My first cycle and experience to use dragon pharma, in my priority to use steroids is testosterone enanthate, in this way i used enantat 250 by Dragon Pharma, and pip is minimal and i have not noticed any unpleasant symptoms from use it, strength also increased. My enanthat cycle is 12 weeks and during this time gained about 7 kg, i think it’s not bad. Conclusion: Dragon pharma is great company.


dragon pharma cycle

I have been using Dragon Pharma for 2 weeks NPP 100mg eod and test cyp 500mg every 5 days 20mg tamoxifen daily. Both products have a small pip, then it’s gone. Very satisfied with products will order more.


dragon pharma sustanon

I did 2 cc sustanon 270 per week 75cc eod propionate 100 eq 600ml per week. I love the propionate 100 and the sustanon 270 has no doubt given me a lot of strength in the gym. I did this for 6 weeks and made 10 pounds. DP is someone you can trust. You will not be disappointed. Really quality products


recommend dragon pharma

I’m over 55 years old, and was in decent shape, since I started taking the test e by dragon, I really feel the differences. I feel stronger and more energetic – in fact, I’ve increased my weekly run mileage from under 15/week to 20/week. Definitely recommend it


Dragon Pharma Review

OK guys…. this product is the real deal here. f*** this works great in “all areas”. After 2 weeks of use you will feel the full effects. I honestly feel about 10 years younger and best of all no side effects. I felt it necessary to offer this review here on panda.. Great product from great store

Alex P

Dragon pharma is definitely good

Dragon pharma is usually my go to, price is decent and honestly they are the mid to top shelf stuff. I’m sure there’s better but at this price point very hard to beat. 300mg a week is all I neeed!!!!

John In Colorado

Dragon Pharma

Have used Dragon Pharma off and on for 5 Years, good products, both oral and injectables.

Alex P

Dragon pharma is definitely good

Dragon pharma is usually my go to, price is decent and honestly they are the mid to top shelf stuff. I’m sure there’s better but at this price point very hard to beat. 300mg a week is all I neeed!!!!

Phil A

100% Quality

I used test e 300 for 12 weeks and not only did I gain size and strength, but energy like I had 10 years ago. Definitely recommend .

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