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Time Arrival: around 5 days
Information: Domestic Steroids Shop. A few working brands for muscles building goals.
Security: Discreet packing and shipping, encrypted data storage, buy steroids with bitcoins & ethereums & litecoins

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Odin pahrma anavar – I was in my initial loading stage and I’ve noticed more muscle definition and size.

I know my body very well and I respond to things pretty quickly.

The website is complete but despite that if you have any email they will answer professionally within 24 hours.

It took around 5 business days and the packaging was neat and discreet.

Thanks for putting out quality product. No Bullshit with this guy and he is very professional. I like that and will order again

I finally received my products. It did take a long time but DSB is not a scam. They are not scammers. Therefore I take what I said before back. I received my products and just started my cycle.

Domestic-steroids. Great service. Fast shipping , t thanks bro

Hey killas I wanted to let everyone know that T is the real deal! I received my gear very qucikly and have been using for 3 -4 weeks now and seeing tremedous gains!

I will definately be giving domestic-steroid all my buisness!

Have a good day Huge Tom,
Thanks for your prompt response to my question. This site has been awesome! you guys do excellent business and you have great customer service.
Thanks again,

I just received my gear from T and I wanted to say thnx 1st of all cause you are always a littl nervous your 1st time from a new guy, but T came through just like it say and quick T/A too only a little over weel! I am definately coming back!

I see a lot of concern in terms of the company. Reading the reviews had me skeptical too. However, I just received my first order from them and Thorusdom has been responsive and shown legit. Additionally, I had some questions about the way my Test Prop arrived due to the cold temperatures creating a change in the solution. He got back to me in one day with the chemist’s response on how to address – with a very clear and professional answer. Additionally, he wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the answer – rather than just a “do this” bravado. So, great customer service. Best wishes all

Placed an order with T last Tuesday and received my order today, not even two weeks! I ordered two bottles of 10ml test e 300, one 10ml bottle of deca 300 and clomid. T put an extra bottle of each in their for me at no extra chrage. Every e-mail i sent was replied fast, every concern i had as i was a bit leary he helped me all the way!! I cant wait to start my nexy cycle.. Thanks for the great service

Equipoise awesome, tes cyp B+, high quality chit man, another first class transaction, pinned and enjoyed

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Legit source

trusted domestic source, great and professional customer support, order processing is fast and arrived in 7 days , thanks 🙂

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