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Pentadex 350 contains active substance a few testosterones (Testosterone propionate: 50 mg,Testosterone phenylpropionate: 50 mg, Testosterone enanthate: 60mg, Testosterone cypionate: 60 mg, Testosterone decanoate: 80 mg)

which are the compounds known for bringing bulking and strength effects.

Pentadex 350 is the well known Sustanon.

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SCIROXX started its activity from making a few pharmaceutical products. Later, the company expanded its activity to exploring new domains of the industry and added new products. You can see all of their products on their home page here.

Below are some Pentadex 350 Sciroxx Reviews:

First time AAS user at 39 y/o. Just finished up a 12 week cycle of Pentadex at 600 mg per week (1ccx2 week). I did not get bloods done but had a viable increase in muscle mass WHILE cutting some weight. PIP was not bad and I have a active job. Strength gains on all of the “big” lifts and increase of libido. Seemed to really take off for me at week 5-6.

Great product, very smooth and potent…kicks in quick…love it

Pentadex 300 is pretty underrated for a blend. Penta kicked in a bout a week into my cycle and I’ve had some cycles under my belt. Great gains from this. im using 150 mg every 3 days. Some strong pip comes in the next morning after pinning but thats normal for a strong blend. Up 10 lbs in 3 weeks, libido is way up, oily skin is present. If you’re looking for a quality blend, look no further…

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