Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Review

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Review:

I have been using Kalpa products for a few years now and I really cannot fault them at all.

I used the Boldaxyl in a cycle last year and have to say that it was excellent, Good quality Equipoise in a good dose (300mg per ml) So you can inject a good amount without any issues

Cutaxyl 150 helped me go from 215 to 190 of hard lean muscle and from someone who has been out of the Marine corps for two years, I know what getting a hard lean physique means. It is very hard to obtain, but with a good diet and Cutaxyl 150 helped me get in better shape than I was in the Marine corps. It is most definitely the best I have ever looked and felt!!


Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Review
I have used testoxyl a few times for 10 and 12 weeks, stacked with dbol and trenboxyl enanthate. Gains have been around 25 lbs.

Very happy with the product.

Ran oxandroxyl and test Cypionate for 10 weeks at 60 me on the var and 1 ml of the Cypionate every 4 days. My results were 11 lbs of lean mass and the vascularity was awesome. Strength gains were noticeable about a week into the cycle. I was a little hesitant at first about Kalpa brand, but the stuff is potent and legit.

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