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Letroxyl Reviews from real customers. Read how it works and how you can use it in your bodybuilding journey.

Letroxyl (Letrozole) is one of the most powerfull AI’s.

Bodybuilders may want to use it during steroid cycle in order to avoid side effects caused by high estrogen levels.

Why Letrozole is one of the most powerful? Because it blocks estrogen production and it is used in higher dosages (too much) then you have a problem because we as men still NEED estrogen.

Do your homework before using it and remember with ANY product always start with LOW dosage!

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Good results are obtained by using 0.5-1mg of Letroxyl/every other day (EOD)

Don’t run letro unless you have gyno issues or know that you are prone to gyno.

Side effects of Letrozole may be next: fatigue, dizziness, , hot flashes, muscle and joint pains. Long term use of this drug can cause osteoporosis resulting to bone fractures!

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