Enantat 400 Reviews

Enantat 400

Enantat 400 Reviews from Dragon Pharma products list is reviewed today.

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I ordered 6 vial of Deca 300 and 3 vials of Cypionat 250 from Dragon Pharma. I ran 500mg of test and 600mg deca each week, for 15 weeks. I had decent results. I did notice a great amount of joint relief. If I had run the test at 750 a week or even 1000 I probably would have seen more noticeable effects. All Im not disappointed in Dragon product and may order from them again after PCT.

I did Test E and Mast E and finished with Var on Cycle for 16 weeks while I was overseas. I noticed that Test E started much earlier than 2 weeks and blew up good quality muscle gains in 4 weeks without BS. When I started introducing mast into my cycle my strength increased tremendously and within 2 weeks I became very vascular and striped. Once out the var was good at maintaining my strength gains and PCT was on point as I wasn’t getting those longer esters and had sides. It was literally a perfect cycle with very good equipment. The shorter esters were amazing too. They came in very quickly and actually gained more muscle than on my last cycle when I first introduced Tren and loved the results. I used 50 mg props with 75 mg Tren and felt unstoppable! Another good cycle with little to no other side than sweating a lot. All in all, I would rate the product quality with 10/10

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