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I did 2 cc sustanon 270 per week
75cc eod propionate 100
eq 600ml per week.

I love the propionate 100 and the sustanon 270 has no doubt given me a lot of strength in the gym. I did this for 6 weeks and made 10 pounds.
DP is someone you can trust. You will not be disappointed.
Really quality products.

I have been using Dragon Pharma for 2 weeks NPP 100mg eod and test cyp 500mg every 5 days 20mg tamoxifen daily. Both products have a small pip, then it’s gone. Very satisfied with products will order more.

I like the products, everything always works smoothly. We’ve had a few incidents where everything wasn’t packed up, but customer service was always there when it was needed.

Just recently placed a major order from Dragon Pharma. It came in less than half the time they told me to expect it. The product has been varied by the manufacturer and the test results showed that it is 100% real. I am definitely happy with them and will stay with them for a long time.
I take Cyp from Dragon Pharma 200 mg once a week to treat my low T. I have increased energy and libido and made significant gains in the gym. I feel like more people would get benefits if they took a reasonable dose like 150-200 mg once a week.

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