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Xeno Laboratories is a manufacturer of premium performance enhancement products selected by top athletes. Our main focus is on the development of premium anabolic steroids and PCT products as well as other drugs to improve health, physical performance and quality of life. Our researchers and scientists have worked to discover, develop, and offer safe, effective, and up-to-date health products. At Xeno Laboratories, we use the latest technologies and improve our research and development activities, which are mainly focused on product quality, reliability and safety.

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XENO Products Review


Injectable Steroids

Xeno Bold 300

Xeno Deca 250

Xeno Mast E 200

Xeno Mast P 100

Xeno NPP 100

Xeno Primo 100

Xeno Test B 375

Xeno Test C 250

Xeno Test E 250

Xeno Test P 100

Xeno Tren A 100

Xeno Tren E 200

Xeno Tren H 75

Oral Steroids

Xeno Turi 10

Xeno Superdrol 10

Xeno Halo 10

Xeno M1T 10

Xeno Mtest 25

Xeno Dbol 10

Xeno Oxa 10

Xeno Oxy 25

Xeno Primo 10

Xeno Provi 25

Xeno Stan 10

Post Cycle Therapy

Xeno Ari 01

Xeno Clom 50

Xeno Avo 0.5

Xeno Letro 2.5

Xeno Tamox 20

Xeno Aro 25

Weight Loss Pills

Xeno T3 50

Xeno T4 100

Xeno Redu 15

Xeno Clen 40

Sexual Wellness

Xeno Cia 20

Xeno Fina 01

Xeno Caber 01

Xeno laboratories is something new to me but I will give them a test.

Xeno Lab has a wide choice of products for any goal.

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So far so good

So far so good! Thank you Xeno


Xeno labs

I used NPP, Tren A and Tren E, masterone p100, Test P and E, C and some test blend called Test b375 which was really better than my expectations.. for tabs i tried oxandrolone, stanozlol and dbol.. i contact them because i was suspected my vial is fake once. They confirmed that they have production on different parts of the world. I had Test c250 but theres test c200.. Im informed that both were legit. Us line is different than EU.. for effectiveness, trens was real deal for sure.. especially tren e was extremely potent. Probably overdosed. My supplier doesnt have all products everytime and a little pricy but if he has products i definitely be include this products to my cycle.. i didnt get any bad vial from this brand.. also dbol was extremely potent. Im usually ok with 50 mg per day but 50 mg caused too much water retention. I dropped to 30.. maybe over dosed or my other brand was bunk.. but all xeno products was extremely potent.. only downside is its a little pricy compared other stuff my supplier has. And its not always in stock.


Missing products or fake??

Question??? Why isnt Ucut 300 on your Product list??


xeno labs

Is this USA domestic?


Xeno labs Review

Hi here, how its testosterone of Xeno labs? I would like to start a cycle with test e, can someone suggest me how much should I use it and how long?


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