Stanoxyl 10 Reviews (Kalpa Pharmaceuticals)

Stanoxyl 10 Reviews

MANUFACTURER: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
GOAL: Cutting
TYPE: Tabs
STRENGTH: 10mg/tab
AMOUNT: 100 tabs

Stanoxyl 10 Reviews:

Nice stanozolol from Kalpa, I ran a short cycle before a submission grappling tournament. I was able to cut 15 pounds without losing strength. Started stanoxyl at 30 mg/day, then up to 50 mg/day and has been incredibly shredded.

Stanoxyl Effects

Increases muscular definition;

Excretion of accumulated water;

Boosting of appetite;

Increases strength and endurance;

Kalpa’a Winstrol (Stanoxyl) gave me that shredded look I was looking for but I was on a diet and kept training hard with daily cardio. Dont think that if you just take this product and do nothing it will do miracles.

10mg/day for 4 weeks safe and lean!

the sweet spot is 30mg/day.

for cutting and strength. can be used first weeks of the cycle or last 6 weeks if you want to get in better shape

One good thing about Kalpa is that they do lab test which you can see on their website.

50mg/day for 6 weeks stacked with testoxyl propionate, worked great.

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stanoxyl 10 reviews

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