Arimixyl Review

Arimixyl Review

Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Anastrozole
Pack: 30 tablets (1 mg/tab)
Profile: Arimixyl Profile on Kalpa site

when will you have this back again? It worked great for my gym buddies whose body is sensitive to high estrogen.

this one is always on my hand to combat gyno sides, I consider it best.

What’s better for gyno prevention on a sust. & dbol cycle. Long cycle bout 16 weeks. Which product would you recommend arimizyl or aromaxyl? Thanks…

I ordered tren, prop, win, arimixyl, and clomixyl all were superb products. Seriously 2 weeks into the cycle and I was in beast mode. Put on 25 lbs of solid muscle. Started at 202lbs with 15% body fat and finished off at 227 10%bf. Sex drive was insane. Every night, every morning, I couldn’t be stopped. Would recommend this lab to EVERYONE!

Please write how Arimixyl worked for you. Thank you.

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Jan Aultz

Kalpa Arimxyl

Worked great to help with some water weight. Kalpa as does the job.

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