Andropen 450 Reviews


MANUFACTURER: British Dragon
GOAL: Bulking
TYPE: Injections

  • 147 mg Testosterone Decanoate
  • 32 mg Testosterone Acetate
  • 73 mg Testosterone Phenylpropionat
  • 73 mg Testosterone Propionate
  • 125 mg Testosterone Cypionate

STRENGTH: 450mg/ml
AMOUNT: 10ml vial


WOW!!! British is back!

I will use this at 2ml/week for 12 weeks for my bulking cycle

I have to say that I’ve tried several different labs over the past few years but British has never disappointed me. All products are correctly dosed, well processed and without a pip

Very nice to see myself grow and make excellent results.

Andropen 450 is a great mix from BD but I would say this is not for beginners. I would recommend newbies to start wih simple testosterone enanthate or cypionate.

I used similar Sust mix and got great mild bulking with not much water retention…may be it is just me but I react well to such mixex and I hope BD keeps great quality as well as other manufacturers.

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