Strombafort 10 mg Review

Balkan Pharmaceuticals Strombafort 10mg

MANUFACTURER: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
GOAL: Lean Mass, Strength Increase
TYPE: Oral Steroid
STRENGTH: 10 mg/tab
COUNT: 100 tabs


Always getting good results with any Balkan product I have used. Anadrol’s, Dianabol’s, and now there stromba. Stacking it with trenbolone ace and test p and I’m taking 25mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening. This stuff definitely works.

Good stanozolol. I ran a short cycle before a tournament. Strength was quite impresive and was able cut 15 pounds. Got good muscle definition was got shredded even more than I expected. I used 30 mg daily in the beginning then raised it to 50mg. great recovery and great product

Added it to the last 4 weeks of my testosterone cycle, really brought out my veins. Was more vascular and dry by the end of the 4 weeks of strombafort. And the price is pretty reasonabol to me.

I prefer the 10mg pills over the 50mg as it’s easier to split out the dosage throughout the day

Best winstrol I’ve had until now. took lower dosage than it’s usually used at and still felt harder and more strength.

Good product. Tried it once with good gains although I prefer the injectable version

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