Mastaplex 100 Review

Mastaplex 100 Review

GOAL: Cutting
TYPE: Injections
ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: Drostanolone Propionate
STRENGTH: 100mg/ml
AMOUNT: 10ml vial

Mastaplex 100 Reviews:

1ml/EOD with Test Prop is great summer combo.

his shit is legit

I would run the Mastaplex for 8 weeks at 100mgs every 3 days alongside Test-e. I would jumpstart it with d-bol at 30-40mgs/ed for the first 4 weeks.

New to this board but like i said not new to the lifestyle.Figured i would share my summer cycle with ya ll.I will run this for 10 weeks then go back to my trt levels until winter.

weeks 1-6 50mg of anavar a day

weeks 1-10 100mg of test prop eod

weeks 1-10 100mg of mastaplex prop eod

I got some Mastaplex 100 and Trenaplex 100 on the way too…I’ll post up pics of them too.

Looking forward to the test, mast, tren stack…It’s my fav!!

Seeing this is a new line to hit the market, I’ll give my honest feedback on these products as well.

Sampled this stuff out…

Very smooth product…post-injection soreness from the short-acting esters has been tolerable…

Seems to be a very high quality product.

I’ll update with results of extended use in a few weeks or so.

IMO, these guys are a good lab that should be able to make good competition for other top labs out there. Hopefully they will maintain quality in the long haul

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Axiolabs Mastaplex 100 Review

This Drostanolone ester has shorter half-life compared to Enanthate form. This does not mean that Mastaplex 100 is ineffective, injections just have to be made a bit more often

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