Testolab-C 250 Review

GOAL: Bulking
TYPE: Injections
ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: Testosterone Cypionate
STRENGTH: 250mg/ml
AMOUNT: 10ml vial

I saw gains of about 15 lbs in lean muscle mass and my bench went through the roof. I stacked it with Sust and Tren.

I used this in my last bulking cycle: Testolab-C 250 12 weeks + Dbol 4 weeks as a kickstar. I gained 22-23 lbs, I am on PCT now let’s see how much I keep. How would you rate results?

Review is for testolab-e only haven’t used tren yet. The test is absolutely amazing and on point! I made crazy gains and loved the feeling it gives you in the gym! Gained a good 15lbs off 750mg test for 8 weeks and strength skyrocketed! I’ve got bloods taken several times while on her test and it proves it’s dosed correctly! Awesome fire gear!

Using Testolab-E, Boldelab and Testolab-P. The bottles were full to the top and looked very professional.

I am on about week 7 of Test E at 500 and EQ at 600. Libido and aggression are up, and appetite and endurance are increasing as the EQ kicks in. The great things about 7Lab gear for me is the low PIP and the lack of any allergic reactions. I have had problems with many other manufacturers gear giving a bad reaction

Since using this at a dose of 150mg per week (split into two 75mg every 3.5 days shot Subq with a slin pin) I have a far better sense of well being and much more energy, which is something I lacked for a long time due to low testosterone. In terms of muscle building, I don’t really train to build muscle, more for strength and health reasons, but I have put on 9lbs of muscle over the last 4 months, which is nice as the scales weren’t budging beforehand for a very long time.

I know people may read all the above and think that they could be placebo or down to me/my training/diet etc…and not the Test Cyp, but the ridiculous amount of new hairs all over my midriff, shoulders and back suggest that 7Lab Test Cyp is exactly what it says it is. Very happy and will continue to use indefinitely.

The test cyp gives me a slight PIP for about two days that’s all and the actual injection goes in smooth. been using for a few weeks now and weight is up already and so is strength.(i am front loading for two weeks then go to every 4 days 500mg.

pinning 1/2 cc of t250 every 3 days- took maybe 2 weeks to kick, i feel great. kept stable levels t3- been cycling off and on 2 on 2 off for about 2 months.. im down about 9 good lbs. winny- first time i have ever used it.. hardness is ridiculous, like a round the clock pump.. and im more vascular.

Just finishing Testolab-E&C 250 and decalab 250, great cycle, Im getting my next here in a bit, very impressed with 7Lab Pharm. Legit product, be careful though, if you get bad pip on the E&C, it is just as it says, not for virgin muscle, even if youve been doing it awhile, first week is tough, then body gets used to it and youre fine. Love IT!

This reviews is for: Test E, Eq, Test P, Tren A, and Mast A

I have been on the products for 3 weeks now and have a noticable increase in libido. My strength has been consistently going up. My skin has gotten much more oily (unfortunatly but a good sign) and i have noticed an increase in my appetite over the past week. Injections are super smooth and i have zero pip. I describe it as im a walking hard-on these past two weeks and its only getting better. So far everything seems on par as i have used these compounds before.

I was very impressed with the 7Lab product line. My cycle was 12 weeks. test e 500mg 12 weeks, deca 400 mg 10 weeks, and aromasin on hand just in case. 250 iu hcg twice a week and three blasts of 1000 iu at the end of the cycle. The hcg and Nolva are doing a great job helping me recover along with a couple SARMs I purchased from another lab.

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