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I’m happy to know this web-shop and the deal I got from the Panda. I really appreciate the quality products, (very happy with the result) is definitely some of the best. I will definitely order from them again. This team and PandaRoids do a good job.

Hi Panda!
I appreciate your perseverance and service. I spent a lot of time researching store like this, you are a trust store I’m not afraid to say it. You are the best!

I started to order products from panda a year ago for muscle growth, I have tried everything you can think and I realized without an expert everything will be a bullshit, BOOM I found pandaroids, these boys very kind offered to help me, I ordered some products and to my surprise I also received a good discount.
Thank you!

Hi Panda i hope you well.
We can only recommend the web store. From the consultation to the execution, everything was very professional and the cooperation also worked very well.
All the best!!!

The website designer helps quickly and easily to create orders with any problems. Easy to understand and reliable. What more do you want.

Hi guys!
Recently I placed another order from this shop, betting on the same quality for things and their services. But based on previous experience.
I would recommend this source!

My favorite source.
Love this source, very easy to do business, communication was on point, product come very quickly and package was secure and discreet.  

I recently order from them Trenbolone, product works extremely well. I was afraid of pip but to my surprise everything was ok.
I definitely recommend, and I will definitely order from them.

PandaRoids Review
This review is about only shipping.
How is PandaRoids? I know Panda more than one year, this source is credible, real and legal, here’s why I am a loyalty customer. In one and a half years I ordered more than 5 or 6 times, I forget how many times I ordering from them.
But it’s not this my message, last time I was pleasantly surprise, order arrive in only 7 day’s Wow it’s just amazing. I know they do international shipment and my last order is no exception, and also I know they have a fast delivery but I didn’t think will be so fast. In that period, I had and a domestic order which arrived in 2 days later compare with Panda. LOL
Thank you PandaRoids that you are good source!

Hello to all,

This is my experience with PandaRoids, Let’s go.

My first order it was in 2019 if I remember exactly, at that moment my weight it was 75kg and height 181, it wasn’t enough for me. So, I start looking to get some steroids, one of my friends at that time already use Anavar but he didn’t tell me. Ok, I thought.

After some time of searching I find a source, I don’t want to tell you source name, because it was a scammer and my 400$ is just gone.

After 2 weeks when I calmed down, I decide to buy again this time I find on YouTube a another source, to be sure I bought from them only 2 vials of Cypionate by Geneza it was about 80 – 95$ plus delivery, price it was good for me. After one month of waiting I… still waiting. I contact them, an guess what? Is lost and he don’t know nothing about my gear. I was at the limit, but I thought I didn’t lost so much.

Do you remember from the beginning I told you about a friend? So, Tom has already using Anavar as I said before. Accidentally Tom said that he is not natural and he get some steroids. Suddenly, a single question came to my mind “From where he buys?” Tom say me, that he has a good source and he is waiting for another order to arrive, and if I want I can go and buy from them. This was PANDSROIDS.

This time I did not insure and I had 100% confidence in Tom, I placed an order with 10 vials of Test Cypionate, I read some articles that cypionate is the best steroids for beginners, so 10 vials of British Dragon for me would be more than enough. I place an order I pay with Crypto, and in only 1 day I get tracking number, and other 14 days, BOOM my firs order with PandaRoids is done.

Amazing store. They were very kind to me, I received information even when it was not needed. Great website!

As long as they do their job well, I will definitely buy again from them.

Recommend 100% as my friend did.

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