Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate

testosterone cypionate vs enanthate

Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate

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Testosterone Cypionate Reviews:

I take Cyp from Dragon Pharma 200 mg once a week to treat my low T. I have increased energy and libido and made significant gains in the gym. I feel like more people would get benefits if they took a reasonable dose like 150-200 mg once a week.
This Cypionat is amazing!
Great libido, my mood was up, but most of all my confidence was sky high.
I recommend only this product!!
Good product, you can feel the kick within a few days. As smooth as it can be, very low to Non PIP
I’m on TRT for 47 years. Have used mainly prescribed Watson, and have tried various UG products as well. Sciroxx’s Testodex Cypionate is 100% comprreable to the Watson, and at 100mg every 5 days I get the same serum levels as wit the Watson (roughly 1200 ng/ml)
The Testodex is silky smooth, unlike many UG products, and for the price is offered, and with domestic delivery I couldn’t ask for more.

Testosterone Enanthate Reviews:

Good product!! Stacked 250 mg of Test-e with DP Deca 300 (300 mg) once a week and Dbol 50 mg daily (8 weeks). Huge gains in mass and strength! No pip.
Sex drive threw the roof.
Testaplex E 250 review
Axiolabs products arrive fast. I make one order x10 Test E from Greece took only 9 days from order date. I didn’t expect my order to arrive so fast.
Is true, Axio is back and ready for fast ship.
I did Test E and Mast E and finished with Var on Cycle for 16 weeks while I was overseas. I noticed that Test E started much earlier than 2 weeks and blew up good quality muscle gains in 4 weeks without BS. When I started introducing mast into my cycle my strength increased tremendously and within 2 weeks I became very vascular and striped. Once out the var was good at maintaining my strength gains and PCT was on point as I wasn’t getting those longer esters and had sides. It was literally a perfect cycle with very good equipment. The shorter esters were amazing too. They came in very quickly and actually gained more muscle than on my last cycle when I first introduced Tren and loved the results. I used 50 mg props with 75 mg Tren and felt unstoppable! Another good cycle with little to no other side than sweating a lot. All in all, I would rate the product quality with 10/10.
Uses this at 600 mg per week and has seen an increase in strength aggression in the gym. No pip was noticed on this oil. Quality seems to be excellent IMO
Product quality is great, pinning is smooth, PIP for next few days can suck, but there are ways to deal with that. 12 weeks on Test E. Sciroxx gear has always given me good quality gains, specially if I tweaked my diet to perfection.

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