Reviews: Kalpatropin HGH (updated)

Reviews: Kalpatropin HGH (updated)

Today we decided this topic with HGH reviews.

More and more people undersand what impact human growth hormone has on our bodies and some of us really need it while some just want to try to improve how they look.

While there are well known old companies which produce HGH there are many other new ones which makes great HGH at a lower price. You are welcome to test them and even test in a lab.

Kalpa Pharamaceuticals is one of those companies whose actvitiy is authorized and controlled by level 3 GMP standards, which involve the latest technologies for sterilization, sanitary norms, quality control.

Dear fellas,

Here is my review after doing a blood work for HGH serum level and IGf1 levels on kalpatropin.

The GH serum levels came at 31.1 ng/ml

The Igf1 levels came at 525 ng/ml

I switched from Pfizer Genotropin (Also purchased from GBN) to Kalpatropin due to limited budget. At first I was hesitant and skeptical but Tom convinced me to give it a shot and I decided to pull bloods on it. the previous signs (on genotropin) continued like faster hair and nails growth, deeper sound sleep and some kind of lethargy or an urge to take a nap during the day. I split the injections in two doses: early in the morning and post workout. By doing so I notice more rapid belly fat reduction. I have to be honest here. I’m kind a lazy on my diet these days and buffets, junk food here and there. Thanks to quality HGH and increased cardio on a fasted state, I haven’t packed on any fat. The sense of well being is awesome. I will stick to Kalaptropin for a long while and will do bloods again after a month or so.

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