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If you did not know Trenboxyl Enanthate is made by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and contains Trenbolone Enanthate as active substance.

This product is used in bulking cycles and/or strength cycles.

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I’ve done a few rounds with Kalpa and love the product. Not doing anything crazy just 250mg test cyp with 100mg Tren Enanthate every 3 days. Love the products!

Kalpa Customer

Test E and Tren E is what works for me, 12 weeks, used AI on cycle to prevent gyno, communication is great and t/a 12 days.

Kalpa Customer

This stuff is thick; hard to draw up. Definitely some pip, but so does a flu shot. Great product. This is the start of week 3; feeling much stronger at the gym with intense workouts. 6lbs of fat melted away.

Kalpa Customer

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