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I like this danabol. Gained about 14 pounds on in less than 4 weeks. Run it at 50mg daily. Good pumps, vascularity and fullness. Doesn’t compare with the other dbols I’ve used.’m pleased with the balkan fenandrol

Me and a friend have been using this lab’s products for the last couLegit pills for sure and will be my choice next cycle. Took it to kickstart my trenbolone and test cycle and strength started to increase after the first couple of days. Also all the sides were there, itchy nipples heartburn water retention…ple of years. I definitely recommend their gear. Always got good products, never underdosed.

I just pinned 1 ml of Deca. getting results each and every time. i usually run test stacked with some other products, but it felt totally dGreat stuff. Strength went up within a week and it really was good. First few days was feeling much and started to think it’s underdosed but it really kicked in by the end of the first week. Was recommended to me by a friend and it was worth it.ifferent when i’ve added this with the test alone.

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