Proviroxyl Reviews

Proviroxyl Reviews for Kalpa’s Mesterolone. It is all known as Proviron.

Proviroxyl is popular during strength and bulking cycles so we gathered some reviews for you here but dont stop here, search for more and add yours as well.

Provion as many of us know it is an oral androgen which is not capable of aromatising.

Since Mesterolone (Proviroxyl ) is not 17α-alkylated, it will not put stress on liver as other oral steroids do.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals launched Proviroxyl on market as soon as they opened since this is a well known product which people are looking for.

How to use Proviroxyl?

Proviroxyl is often used in cutting cycles at 25 sometimes 75mg/day because it gives a bit of a hardening effect.

1-10Sustanon500mg/week or 2ml/week (split into two injections)
4-10Proviron50-75mg/day (split into 2-3, 25mg doses per day)
12-14Clomid (Post Cycle Therapy)Day 1 – Clomid 150mg/day
Day 2 – Clomid 100mg/day
Following 10 days – Clomid 50mg/day
Following 10 days – Clomid 50mg/day
*if needed continue with 10 days more

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Reviews preview:

I have been using Kalpa products from GBN Store for the last few years, I have been training and using gear for the last 25 years, I can honestly say that Kalpa is one of the best labs around, I have used most of the Kalpa products and have had good to excellent results from all that I have used

Proviron is a powerful, yet underrated anabolic steroid. It has the unique ability to increase strength without causing any significant weight gain or bloating.

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