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Currently I used Boldo 300 – 500 mg/week, I mean that really works for me. I recommend Para Pharma

Got 4 10ml vials of Sustanon 350 by ParaPharma and 2 10ml vial of Deca also by ParaPharma with discounted.
Is there anyone here who has any experience with para pharma? and if anyone can help me with with cycle?
If I’ve posted this in the wrong place or broken any rules I am sorry
Reply here if you can offer any advice.

Thank you for the communication.
Because of the covid I received a little bit late but with a lot of emails to reassure me the best

T/A was great, packaging arrived extremely discrete. When my pack arrived, some of the rubber stoppers on the bottles were not 100% crimped tightly but this DID NOT affect the gear at all. Just needed to be more delicate when handling. Not an issue

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