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Para Pharma is not a new player on steroids market, as far as we know it is from 2011 and its reputation had its ups and downs.

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Their Deca trade name is Decan 300 and it is 300mg/ml 10 ml vial.

Here are some Para Pharma Decan 300 Reviews:

Deca is Deca and must be used at 1-2ml/week and stopped 2 weeks before you stop testosterone injections.

According to lab test their Deca looks good, however I’ve read some bad reviews as well…. not sure yet if I want to try.

I agree this lab didnt impress me at all and it also had horrible pip, my coworker was also using para pharma and got an infection in his right deltoid, I will say this it was close to a year ago when we tried it so it may be different now things do change. I think it was test e 250 we were using.

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