Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Dbol Reviews

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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals makes 3 different Dbols: Dianoxyl 10, Dianoxyl 20 and 50.

As you already guessed number shows the dosages: 10mg, 20mg and 50mg.

We gathered some reviews for all of these Dbols and below we will post them below.

Each of these products ( Dianoxyl 10, Dianoxyl 20 and Dianoxyl 50) will have its own reviews page where you can add your review.

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Kalpa is one of few brands which has lab test and whose products actually WORK!

30mg.day is the sweet spot to not get much water retention. only for first 4 weeks.

I purchased 2 of these…200 pills 50mg x almost 6 weeks. Stregnth was incredible and in 11 days I gained 22lbs. I know I will not keep some of these gains. However, the cycle is still continuing and combined with sus350 for a 12 week cycle. Overall I can not believe the results thus far. Unbelievable….. I am starting to have tenderness in breast. So I will take something to counter the effects..

20mg/day is the dosage which was used in golden age safe and working! No more no less! 5 weeks!

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