Haloxyl Reviews

Haloxyl Reviews

Haloxyl Reviews. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals made Fluoxymesterone unde the trade name Haloxyl. It comes in 10mg/tab 50 tabs/pack. Here are reviews for this oral anabolic steroid.

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Haloxyl has androgenic properties and will give bodybuilder strength and if used towards end of cycle will work well towards better hardness. It is not for newbies.

Detection Time and Half life of Haloxyl

Active life is 9 hours and detection time is around 2 months.

Is Haloxyl bad for liver?

It is worth mentioning that Haloxyl is 17A alkylated steroid which will put stress to your liver so do NOT go over 50mg/day and longer than 6 weeks and ONLY if you are healthy which means blood work done and experienced.

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Kalpa Haloxyl is an androgen & anabolic steroid which is used in the treatment of low testosterone levels in men, delayed puberty in boys, breast cancer in women, and anemia.

Haloxyl– loved this product when I stacked it with Kalpa’s Propionate, the strength went up, as well as vascularity. Kalpa is my preffered brand now.

Do not stack this oral with another one and generally speaking do not use more than one oral for one cycle.

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