Top Five Dragon Pharma Steroids

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  1. Cypionat 250 – Testosterone Cypionate
Top Five Dragon Pharma Steroids
I have been using Dragon Pharma for 2 weeks NPP 100mg eod and test cyp 500mg every 5 days 20mg tamoxifen daily. Both products have a small pip, then it’s gone. Very satisfied with products will order more.
I take Cyp from Dragon Pharma 200 mg once a week to treat my low T. I have increased energy and libido and made significant gains in the gym. I feel like more people would get benefits if they took a reasonable dose like 150-200 mg once a week.
This Cypionat is amazing!
Great libido, my mood was up, but most of all my confidence was sky high.
I recommend only this product!!
I’ve been taking 200mg every week for over a year and have been feeling great. Worked with my doc on getting the dosing right, but have not had any issues. Drive is up, and not as tired as I was.
This Stuff is real Sh!t! Seriously the quality of their Cypionat 250 is out of this world. Really Strong Testosterone cypionate which I have ever tried. Overdosed and loving it.

2. Dianabol 20 – Methandrostenolone

Dragon Pharma Dianabol 20 mg
Been using Dragon Pharma Dianabol (DBOL) for 4 weeks and I had great results, good solid gains in short period. My diet was on point with the Dragon Pharma DBOL, with huge amount of protein above 200 gr. In the cutting period I went with Keto diet and 300 to 400 cals less then my maintenance and I’m pretty much lean. Good products!!
I was ordering one years ago and my only negative comment on DP DBOL 20 mg is there was less tabs in the package, instead of 100 there where only 90 pills 🙁
Well Its been a few weeks and I’m seeing great results so far. I’m taking 70 mg a day spread out through out the day ,I get great pumps in my arms and shoulders plus legs lifting at work and in the gym, perfect amount of water retention just the way I like it, plus my joints are not sore at all. I’m up about 6 pounds as of now, and got a lot of great strength throughout each day and more to come, Great product!

3. Enantat 250 – Testosterone Enanthate

Enantat 250 - Testosterone Enanthate
I did Test E and Mast E and finished with Var on Cycle for 16 weeks while I was overseas. I noticed that Test E started much earlier than 2 weeks and blew up good quality muscle gains in 4 weeks without BS. When I started introducing mast into my cycle my strength increased tremendously and within 2 weeks I became very vascular and striped. Once out the var was good at maintaining my strength gains and PCT was on point as I wasn’t getting those longer esters and had sides. It was literally a perfect cycle with very good equipment. The shorter esters were amazing too. They came in very quickly and actually gained more muscle than on my last cycle when I first introduced Tren and loved the results. I used 50 mg props with 75 mg Tren and felt unstoppable! Another good cycle with little to no other side than sweating a lot. All in all, I would rate the product quality with 10/10
This is the best test e dragon pharma. Very smooth awesome for your first cycle get three of these your g2g stack with dbol great stuff
This is the best test e dragon pharma. Very smooth awesome for your first cycle get three of these your g2g stack with dbol great stuff
1 x Anavar, 4 x ENANTAT 250, 2 x DIANABOL
i ran this cycle on lowest dosages possible being it was my first. positive results. gained 17 on only 3200 calories a day. i would think that is very positive.
Been running the test 250 for about 4 week now at 1cc Monday and 1cc Thursday. The oil is very smooth and I haven’t had any pip at all when using it most of the time when running high dose test the pip can be so bad into it you can’t move around but this is not the case. I came off another source test blend to use this one to see how good it really is I have not seen a drop in strength, weight, or sex drive with let me no this is a good product because the test I came off of to use this one was from my go to source.
I really like the test 250 and I’m looking forward to that second vial so I can run this for a full 10 weeks. If you like high dose test or blend give this one a go.

4. Testo Blend 350Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate

Testo Blend 350 Reviews
Weeks 1 – 14 Sustanon 2ml/week primo 600mg/week aromasin 12.5mg EOD PCT after cycle is a must.
top 3 testosterone in one vial it can’t be a bad product
I am currently using it and I can’t fault it, it’s an amazing Sustanon. I’ve seen lab reports and most things are a little overdose which is a good problem … I am currently running it with no pip and got amazing results … the first shot had a little pip but everything is fine now!!
I’ve used sustaxyl 350 from kalpa for my last cycle. sustanon 350 the same stuff, I used 700 mg a week. Good results.

5. Propionat 100 – Testosterone Propionate

Dragon Pharma Testosterone Propionate
it’s time to order propionate 100 by dragon with anavar for summer cycle 🙂
this propionate is the one to be used during summer cutting.
Stack this with DP winnie 1ml EOD, depending on injection point how bad the pip. I found rear delt no pip. Lost 2″ off my waist, 20 lbs of fat loss and approx 10lbs of solid muscle. Strength through the roof!
I am currently using propionate 100 great product. it works just amazing, no water retention, thank you!
used in two cycles already at 1ml/eod for 10 weeks, gives me more ripped look.gbn has best service in industry.

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