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10 ml vial of Testosterone Propionate by British Dragon

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Just ordered another x6 test p vials and oxandrolone for me and my friend. 1 weeks in no difference and then on the weeks 2 I feel progress and in weeks 3 I saw great result. My friend also like me feel the improvement on weeks 2, with few days later. No joke it works very well. I bought also clomid for pct. Was thinking of doing some TRT but no need now…do yourself and just buy it. bitcoin it is power here.
Testabol Propionate Review from –
Never leave reviews about British Dragon Pharmacy. I like this product totally! It’s the first propionate that actually works for me. Also no negative side effects with 1 ml/every other day. Very good product from Britsh Dragon. Well done.
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I get 2 vials of Testabol Propionate 100mg by British Dragon I get 1cc eod and some oxandrolone form another brand I think it was Kalpa, very short cycle only 5 week. Gear was super smooth and gave me amazing pumps in gym also vascularity increased. I’m a big fan of propionat before Britsih I tired kalpa, dragon, and axio))) all 3 propionate is very good products. But I feel that British it works better.
I’ve been with it for about a week and a half now. The libido increased around day 2 or 3. Strength and endurance set in now. Almost no pip. British prop is definitely good.
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This propionate is truly amazing. You should feel the difference in 1,5 weeks. Love this product! Muscle gains!
British Dragon Testabol Propionate Reviews

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