Axiolabs Testaplex E 250 Review

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Review for Testaplex E 250 by Axiolabs.
I wrote in a simple and direct way why this TE product. I received the package after about 19 days and it was packed discreetly and undamaged. The product was clear, with no apparent impurities, the injection did not cause irritation or redness.
I recommend this product to everyone.
Testaplex E 250 review
Axiolabs products arrive fast. I make one order x10 Test E from Greece took only 9 days from order date. I didn’t expect my order to arrive so fast.
Is true, Axio is back and ready for fast ship.
Good product!! Stacked 250 mg of Test-e with DP Deca 300 (300 mg) once a week and Dbol 50 mg daily (8 weeks). Huge gains in mass and strength! No pip.
Sex drive threw the roof.

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