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PARA PHARMA Products Review


T/A was great, packaging arrived extremely discrete. When my pack arrived, some of the rubber stoppers on the bottles were not 100% crimped tightly but this DID NOT affect the gear at all. Just needed to be more delicate when handling. Not an issue

Thank you for the communication.
Because of the covid I received a little bit late but with a lot of emails to reassure me the best

First package went missing. I followed the re-order process and received second package within a couple of weeks.
Discreet packaging.

Shipping was pretty quick considering international shipment, about 10 days. Packaging was crazy, wrapped so tight and secure, there was no way any glass was going to break, and no way any orals were going to get crushed.

I would definitely recommend a supplier to anyone. I have purchased orders from them in the past and the communication is always really good. Plus with a tracking number updated quickly and shipping expedited is a great source.

the package was small and securely wrapped, all the tablets arrived intact

Injectable Steroids

Boldo 300

Boldo 500

Cut Stack 150

Decan 300

Decan P 150

Masto E 200

Masto P 100

Primo 100

Susta 350

Testo C 250

Testo E 250

Testo E 400

Testo P 100

Trenbo A 100

Trenbo E 200

Tren Mix 350

Winstrol 50 Inj

Oral Steroids

Anadrol 50

Anavar 10

Anavar 50

Dianabol 10

Dianabol 20

Superdrol 10

Turinabol 20

Winstrol 10

Winstrol 50

Post Cycle Therapy



Aromasin 25

Clomid 50

Femara 5

Proviron 25

Tamoxifen 20

Weight Loss Pills

Clenbuterol 40


Sexual Wellness

Cialis 20

Viagra 100


Paratropin 100iu

HCG 5000

Bacteriostatic Water

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review: parapharma

Got 4 10ml vials of Sustanon 350 by ParaPharma and 2 10ml vial of Deca also by ParaPharma with discounted. Is there anyone here who has any experience with para pharma? and if anyone can help me with with cycle? If I’ve posted this in the wrong place or broken any rules I am sorry Reply here if you can offer any advice.


Para Pharma Review

Currently I used Boldo 300 - 500 mg/week, I mean that really works for me. I recommend Para Pharma

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