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IronMan Syas:

Like to thank GBN for my main source of gear for over a decade.. excellent products.. very good customer service..prompt responses to every question..Huge Tom is by far the best and most knowledgeable person as far as info on diff gears and fav cycle and stack so far is been, test c, test e, dbol and maybe throw in some trenblone for extra gains..excellent cycle.. thank you GBN …Keep up the great work!

Marx Says:

“Huge Tom! Everything you do for customers is spot on! Of course I can only speak for myself but don’t doubt it’s the same for all. Anytime you need a survey let me know, I realize I’m not out there on all the forums but any word I can spread I’ll be happy to GBN without a doubt kicks ass! Sincerely thank you”

A.M. Says:

Hi Huge Tom, Just received my last order it arrived very quickly. Just wanted to email you and let you know HOW VERY HAPPY I am with the way You and GBN Store take care of your customers. You and GBN are a class act and the products you provide are amazing, I will be a customer for a long long time. I truly appreciate the time you take to help me. A. M.”

Shawn Lawson Says:

“Been ordering for about 3 yrs. Good prices and sales. Good products and if ever any problems getting to your place, they always take care of you.”
Marks Says:

I wouldn’t get my gear from other sources. It has proven to be effective and the results are always amazing. I personally never had any problems. Receiving gear and it is usually delivered within 3-5 days of placing an order.

rush776 Says:

“Recently I used Beligas Testosterone Cypionate really good product. I don have big experience with cypionate by beligas, but after 4 weeks of cycle I feel great and no pip”
Tom Says: is basically your one stop shop. I have been shopping here for years and I haven’t had any major issues with the products or the BD services. They have great 24/7 communication and their shipping ETA is extremely fast.
BD will help you whenever you need it. The great thing is, the transaction normally goes so smoothly you don’t need to bother them with several emails
T/A is amazing and as far as packing I have never received a broken product. Everything is always GTG when I receive it
Well I did test e for 10 weeks. I used the superdrol at weeks 1-4 for quick lean added mass then took two weeks off before finishing off the cycle with the winny the last 4 weeks. Loved the results.. added roughly 14LBs of lean mass and my hcg and clomid brought a bro back to homeostasis
If you haven’t given BD a try.. Then you definitely should, they don’t disappoint.

Dominc Says:

“This is my experience with PandaRoids, Let’s go.
My first order it was in 2019 if I remember exactly, at that moment my weight it was 75kg and height 181, it wasn’t enough for me. So, I start looking to get some steroids, one of my friends at that time already use Anavar but he didn’t tell me. Ok, I thought.
After some time of searching I find a source, I don’t want to tell you source name, because it was a scammer and my 400$ is just gone.
After 2 weeks when I calmed down, I decide to buy again this time I find on YouTube a another source, to be sure I bought from them only 2 vials of Cypionate by Geneza it was about 80 – 95$ plus delivery, price it was good for me. After one month of waiting I… still waiting. I contact them, an guess what? Is lost and he don’t know nothing about my gear. I was at the limit, but I thought I didn’t lost so much.
Do you remember from the beginning I told you about a friend? So, Tom has already using Anavar as I said before. Accidentally Tom said that he is not natural and he get some steroids. Suddenly, a single question came to my mind “From where he buys?” Tom say me, that he has a good source and he is waiting for another order to arrive, and if I want I can go and buy from them. This was PANDSROIDS.
This time I did not insure and I had 100% confidence in Tom, I placed an order with 10 vials of Test Cypionate, I read some articles that cypionate is the best steroids for beginners, so 10 vials of British Dragon for me would be more than enough. I place an order I pay with Crypto, and in only 1 day I get tracking number, and other 14 days, BOOM my firs order with PandaRoids is done.
Amazing store. They were very kind to me, I received information even when it was not needed. Great website!
As long as they do their job well, I will definitely buy again from them.
Recommend 100% as my friend did.”

Verify Panda, GBNstore and BeligasPharmaceuticals if it is Legit Steroid Sources on official Kalpa Pharmaceuticals;, web sites.