Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Code QR

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Code QR (Here is just an example QR code, this is NOT Kalpa QR, Do Not Scan)

If you scan one of the Kalpa QR products this will redirect us to official web site KalpaPharmaceuticals.com. As an example, you received an order with Testoxyl Enanthate 250 and Oxandroxyl 10 mg and you would like to know expirations date which is not shown on label. So what do we do?

We scan the QR code from the label and this will redirect automatically to official Kalpa web site, where it will show you more information on the product you keep on hands including exp. date. as we see on image below with Oxandroxyl product.

Also on that page you will see more info about that product: expiration date; drug class; active life; average dose and other useful info.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Code

It should be mentioned that the expiration date cannot be seen until you scan product’s QR code.

Do you think is it easier with Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Code QR or no? Please write in comments or Kalpa Review Page.

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