Buy Steroids with BitCoins

What is bitcoin and why is so good to buy steroids with bitcoins.

Buy Steroids with Bitcoins easy and fast – Bitcoin is an innovative internet protocol. That was created by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto and enables value to be transferred via a communication channel. Transactions are carried out without intermediaries. So anyone can transfer money anywhere in the world without using a central service such as a bank or PayPal.

Buy Steroids with BitCoins

Bitcoin technology and usage:

Once you have a bitcoin wallet installed on your computer or mobile device. Your first bitcoin address will be generated and you can create another one if needed. (You can also use Bitcoin Wallet online on websites like

Value transactions between Bitcoin addresses that are included are used to digitally sign transactions to provide mathematical proof of their validity.
Bitcoin wallets store secret data called a “private key” or “seed value”. That is used to sign transactions to provide mathematical evidence that they came from the owner of the wallet.

A digital signature prevents anyone from altering the transaction once it has been signed. All transactions are transferred between users and are usually validated and confirmed by the Bitcoin network within a few minutes and usually within an hour.

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