Testoxyl Propionate 100 Reviews

MANUFACTURER: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
GOAL: Lean Mass
TYPE: Injections
ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: Testosterone Propionate
STRENGTH: 100mg/ml
AMOUNT: 10ml vial

Testoxyl Propionate 100 Reviews

love the test prop from kalpa. Pretty much the only one I run these days

Been using kalpa test p for 2 and a half weeks now.75 mg eod.My strength and weight are up, more energy, raging erections and I am in a much happier mood. I get pip but its not day ending and I tend to get pip from all the different test I’ve done. This is the first time I have kick started a test e cycle with test p and I will probably never do another one without the test p kick start.

love kalpa, there test prop was great. it gave me bad pip the first batch i got. but the next batch had almost none. def strong stuff

Guys, I have ran many Kalpa products and have yet to be disappointing. The test-prop especially is one of my favorite. Good pumps, increased BP, and mild acne are the sides I have experiences with this product. The vials are tightly crimped, sealed, and have verification codes on them. The super clean oil draws smoothly and has low PIP.

Right now using it. One of the best. Stack with primoxyl 100 for 14 weeks and you are the king of the beach.

I had kalpa’s test prop years ago I never had a problem with any of their products zero pip explosive gains fullness hunger and libido haven’t had them lately but always got great gains from these guys

Good product, you can feel the kick whitin days. Smooth as it can be, very low to Non PIP

I have used Kalpa Testoxyl Propionate in the past for 8 weeks at 1.5ml/EOD.

It worked well for me. My strength, sex drive and muscles growth were at highest level during that cycle.

I used since then a few othe Kalpa products and was always satisfied with results.

I hope this short post works as a review. thank you.

im not the biggest fan of prop as can sting little and EOD jabs

but have run Kalpa Testoxyl Propionate on two occasions

one cycle was EOD for 10 weeks with tren a and was probable first cut where got super lean and could not fault it

second time was during another cut I was taking test e and tren a

but for first 4-5 weeks of cycle I also took kalpa test p

loved it this way was running from the get go and felt great from start

will be running similar come my summer cycle in couple months

will look see if still have any vials for pics often just chuck them when done

Just want to share my experience with Testoxyl Propionate 100 Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.

Great product! Really amazing

I did a 12 weeks cycle at 100mg EOD stacked with Primoxyl 100 and Oxandroxyl tabs.

Got strength a lot of muscles mass (around 20lbs) and because I did eat clean and did cardio muscles are clearly seen.

I still keep the same weight after cycle but now feel lack of testosterone.

Testoxyl Propionate has no PIP which makes is great choice between other manufacturers.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals knows how to do their testosterones to offer customers best experience and this so true when it comes to testosterone propionate which must be injected every other day.

Kalpa Testoxyl Propionate is the bomb ,, deposit doesn’t hurt as much as others ,,I actually prefer all kalpa products seam to have better results infact always had great results ,, I did a ten year run with test p and c both kalpa ,,and it’s mercury free too I had a vial checked .ONLY reason I don’t do now is its so hard to make the cash transaction ,,love it when PP was working,, Miss ya services Tom,,,,,Peace

FYI Really did for ten years straight with no side effects very clean and safe IMO

had an amazing 10 weeks on test prop 1ml EOD could of easily handled 1.5ml I warmed the vials to aid injection and lessen the soreness, great sted I would seriously recommed

Very little PIP with great results and little side effects. Sometimes I use on a day I need that animalistic boost ( Beast Mode)

Some of the best prop I have used. Big fan of prop and used fair share from ugl to other international brands. This prop ranks number 1 or 2 in my book. Super smooth and properly dosed. Have ran several cycles with kalpa prop and sex drive and strength go up within couple weeks. Oil is thin enough to put thru slin pin for sites

Been on this for 3 weeks now. 125 mg eod. Some of the best stuff I have acquired. Normal pip, awesome gains. Totally worth it. Started the cycle at 195 lbs. Up ten lbs in 3 weeks with a few tweaks to my diet so lean gains there. Weights seem way lighter even on a caloric deficit. 100 lb incline db press, no issues. Libido is insane, oily skin for sure but is expected from great gear. Kalpa is g2g brothers.

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