Testoxyl Enanthate 250

Testoxyl Enanthate 250

MANUFACTURER: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
GOAL: Bulking
TYPE: Injections
ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Testosterone Enanthate
STRENGTH: 250mg/ml
AMOUNT: 10ml vial

Testoxyl Enanthate 250 Supplier

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I was transformed in sex machine!

I used my testoxyl enanthate for 12 weeks at 500 EW stacked with dianoxyl. Testoxyl kicked somewhere at week 5 and my strength and energy level were up during all cycle as well as sex-drive, actually I was transformed in sex machine The only side was increased amount of acne on back, all the rest was great as well as superior customer support.


Testoxyl 250 from Kalpa worked great for me.

Last fall i ran a test/deca stack for 12 weeks and my results were amazing. This stuff is legit, i gained 30+ pounds on this cycle and my bodyfat barely rose at all. Obviously alot was water weight, but my lifts skyrocketed and i kept ALL my gains besides maybe losing 5-10 pounds on my major compounds like bench, squat, and deadlift and my bodyweight dropped from 205 to 195 in the process. Losing all the water weight and keeping the gains is a win win in my books. i really want to run another cycle ASAP, and this would give me that “push” to order again

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Testoxyl Enanthate 250
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 4 reviews
 by Tonny

The best Testosterone Enanthate I have ever used!

Thank you for your review.

 by Deathstroke
testoxyl enanthate

This stuff works amazing but PCT is a must!

 by John
I like it
PIP: smooth as butter
Results: 20lbs in 2 months
Sides: some acne

I enjoyed this cycle with kalpa testoxyl enanthate and my next cycle will be made of it as well.

 by stillgoingstrong
Great Product

I first bought two vials of Kalpa Test E and was so impressed I then bought ten more through the bulk offer.

I don't use a lot, averaging 500mg EW but I get the results I want and don't see any need to use more.

The first two vials which I believe were some of the original stock gave slight PIP, but the newer batch give no PIP whatsoever - I even have difficulty remembering where I last pinned. Although that might be the old brain slowly giving up!

No PIP, very good price, a product that works and works well and coming from GBN one that's guaranteed to arrive. What more could you ask for? I'll definitely be buying again when I run out.

thank you!