Thyroxyl T3 Reviews

Thyroxyl T3 Reviews

T3 can be used at low dose like 12.5MCG for 6-8 weeks during steroid cycle as it increases the rate of protein synthesis.

Check always body temperature before and after cycle, when during 3 days in a row it is like it was before cycles it means your thyroid function is restored.

4 week is more than enough & if it does not work it means you are doing smth else wrong like nutrtion, cardio, workouts and the list can go on. go check your hormonal balance as well if you think you are doing eveyrhign correct but still dont loose weight.

I used this for 6 weeks at 1 tab per day, just wanted to test what is it and how it works, I also added a workout with super-sets and I can definitelly tell you that T3 + workout made me look better.

never rely just on these tabs but do your work first.

Awesome feel the difference in days

Please write down how Thyroxyl T3 Kalpa worked for you.

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kalpa thyroxyl

Top Liothyronine substance, tabs great worked. I take Thyroxyl by kalpa for weight loss and i see real results. Love all kalpa pharmaceuticals products, because i used already over 10 gears from this manufacturer, and qality is top notch.

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