Testo Blend 350 Reviews

Testo Blend 350 Review

Testo Blend 350 Description:

Dragon Pharma Testo Blend 350 is a testosterone booster that contains a blend of four different types of testosterone. It is a popular supplement among bodybuilders and athletes who want to increase their muscle mass, strength, and endurance.

The four types of testosterone in Blend Test 350 are Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Decanoate, and Testosterone Propionate. Each type of testosterone has a unique half-life. Which means that the effects of Testo Blend 350 can last for up to two weeks.

Dragon Testo Blend 350 is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals by increasing your testosterone levels. Here are some of the benefits of using Testo Blend 350:

1. Increased Muscle Mass: Testosterone is essential for building muscle mass, and Testo Blend 350 can help increase your muscle mass by promoting protein synthesis.

2. Improved Strength and Endurance: Test 350 Blend can help improve your strength and endurance, allowing you to perform better during workouts and recover faster.

3. Boosted Libido: Testosterone is also essential for sexual health, and Dragon Pharma Testo 350 can help boost your libido and improve your sexual performance.

How to Use Testo Blend 350

Testo Blend 350 is typically injected into the body using a needle and syringe. The recommended dosage is between 250-750mg per week, depending on your fitness goals and experience with testosterone boosters. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using Testo Blend 350 to ensure that it is safe for you to use.

Dragon Pharma Testo Blend 350 Review by Customers:

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The unit


I was on ethanate 250, decided to up the any with testo blend 350. Only problem was my kidneys hurt but I think it was from drinking alcohol. It’s definitely a noticeable difference and I didn’t have any swelling from the injection site. I recommend changing your needle tip after you pull it up in the syringe. My wife’s a nurse and told me that the needle dulls significantly piercing the vial. So I burn two needles per injection just for a fresh tip and it made a significant difference in swelling


Worked for me

I read alot of bad comments on this product. I have used 2 full bottles not a single side effect. Also have used deca and masteron both of those have worked great also. I'll continue to use dragon pharma brand as long as I'm seeing good results!


Testo blend 350 from DP

Took my first shot in glute and it swoll up and ass hurt for days had to get antibiotics to get rid of it. Second shot in Delt 3rd day in and is sore as f to the touch. Not liking it at all Def second guessing hitting my glute again.


Worst PIP Ever

I purchased TestoBlend350 and just started injecting just .5 ml twice a week to test it out. Poked upper right glute. Seemed to be okay until next day. Had an egg sized lump and hurt like hell. Well, I thought maybe it just went in wrong. So, I tried upper left glute 4days later and immediately after injection got egg sized lump. Took weeks to go away, actually still feeling it now. Ive have never had such reactions to PEDs. I am not a complainer and even contacted the DragonPharma site to ask what preservative and/or base oil was used (there is no description on bottle or site), maybe Im allergic to something. They told me to see a Dr. and contact person who sold it to me;which is impossible. They know there is no way to contact sellers. I am dissapointed and pissed. Kind of strange how there are no negative reviews. Curious to see if this makes it.


Not good

Got bad PIP from TestoBlend 350. Injected upper glutes twice and got 2 big painful lumps. Definitely discontinuing this product.

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