Testo Blend 350 Reviews

Testo Blend 350 Review

Substance: Testosterone Blend

  • Testosterone Enanthate
  • Testosterone Cypionate
  • Testosterone Propionate

Pack: 10 ml vial (350 mg/ml)

Testo Blend 350 Reviews:

Dragon Pharma Testo Blend 350 Reviews from Domestic-Steroids.com
Very professional and quality oil solution, good work. The dragon pharmaceuticals products is every time on top level. and very best gear; delivery is very fast – 10 days; also communication with team is incredible. Dragon Pharma products on is 100% legit, will buy only dragon, for my is nr.1 in steroids. In my opinion Testo Blend 350 dragon pharma is ideal testosterone mix, and really good worked. Thanks Domestic Team
I am currently using Test Blend from DP and I can’t fault it, it’s an amazing Blend. I’ve seen lab reports and most things are a little overdose which is a good problem … I am currently running it with no pip and got amazing results … the first shot had a little pip but everything is fine now!!
Review from PandaRoids.net
Test cyp test propionate and test enantat this 3 substances separately are very good but all together perfect combination.
As I get PIP from this product, question what to mix it with so I don’t get a PIP. What do everyone recommend? I like to inject once a week. Thanks everyone for the advice. I used other products and test and never really got PIP until I started using this product.

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3 Reviews


Worst PIP Ever

I purchased TestoBlend350 and just started injecting just .5 ml twice a week to test it out. Poked upper right glute. Seemed to be okay until next day. Had an egg sized lump and hurt like hell. Well, I thought maybe it just went in wrong. So, I tried upper left glute 4days later and immediately after injection got egg sized lump. Took weeks to go away, actually still feeling it now. Ive have never had such reactions to PEDs. I am not a complainer and even contacted the DragonPharma site to ask what preservative and/or base oil was used (there is no description on bottle or site), maybe Im allergic to something. They told me to see a Dr. and contact person who sold it to me;which is impossible. They know there is no way to contact sellers. I am dissapointed and pissed. Kind of strange how there are no negative reviews. Curious to see if this makes it.


Not good

Got bad PIP from TestoBlend 350. Injected upper glutes twice and got 2 big painful lumps. Definitely discontinuing this product.

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