EQ 300 Reviews

EQ 300 Review

Brand: Dragon Pharma, Europe
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate
Pack: 10 ml vial (300 mg/ml)

EQ 300 Reviews

Dragon Pharma injectables always worked for me with exception of high concentration products like Enantat 400 for some reason that was painful although it worked…

sust 350mg a week for about 8 weeks now. Blood test is scheduled just need to find time to go.

Eq- 400mg a week i like to use this with the sust to thin it out, makes shots easier.

Strength is up about 20% across the board. I have gained about 10 pounds, i have a very clean diet so its 10 pounds of solid muscle i believe. Eq is making very vascular, it always seems to do this. Also a bump in appetite

dragon pharma sustanon, deca 300, and eq 300 injectables also dragon pharma anavar, t-bol, and arimidex.

I have been on all of the products listed for over a month, in such a short time i have had noticeable gains in mass, strength, and fat loss. I elected to go with all dragon pharma products so as to test out the labs quality and so far all is as expected. reasonable pip and oily skin, nothing good hygiene isnt taking care of. My temper has been a little hard to keep in check which has been historically my problem anyway.

Nothing but good things to say about DRAGON PHARMA. I will be a repeat buyer from the lab products.

Product quality is excellent, I ran Deca 300 at 600mg for 14 weeks, alongside my testosterone dosed at 500mg, and Equipoise at 800. I feel this stack has nice synergy to it. The Deca filled me up pretty quick, with added water weight and volume. Looked bigger in a t-shirt as I was pretty much bulking during the entirety of this cycle, granted some weight was from fat and water but I also packed on some solid muscle. I gained about 15 pounds, and my strength improved as well. I was having prior problem with my left wrist before this cycle, and the deca seemed to have lubed it up nicely and haven’t felt the discomfort since. Overall I added some nice mass, and am now going to use that mass gained to use as a base for my recomp I am about to start.


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