Dianabol 20 mg Review

Brand: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Methandienone
Pack: 100 tabs (20mg/tab)

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Dragon Pharma Dianabol 20

Been using Dragon Pharma Dianabol (DBOL) for 4 weeks and I had great results, good solid gains in short period. My diet was on point with the Dragon Pharma DBOL, with huge amount of protein above 200 gr. In the cutting period I went with Keto diet and 300 to 400 cals less then my maintenance and I’m pretty much lean. Good products!!
I was ordering one years ago and my only negative comment on DP DBOL 20 mg is there was less tabs in the package, instead of 100 there where only 90 pills 🙁
Well Its been a few weeks and I’m seeing great results so far. I’m taking 70 mg a day spread out through out the day ,I get great pumps in my arms and shoulders plus legs lifting at work and in the gym, perfect amount of water retention just the way I like it, plus my joints are not sore at all. I’m up about 6 pounds as of now, and got a lot of great strength throughout each day and more to come, Great product!

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