Dragon Pharma Cypionate 250

Dragon Pharma Cypionate 250


Testosterone Cypionate is not suitable for beginners as it is a long ester and on a solo cycle. The peak concentration of hormones in the blood can drop (steroid pits). In general, we do not recommend starting your first cycle. With pharmacologically long drugs as they are more difficult to administer. Also, the benefits of cycles with long ester drugs will be much greater when the cycle. Is finished with short ester drugs, and this is a complex cycle that beginners just don’t need. However, this does not mean that Dragon Pharma Cypionate 250 cannot be used alone. For example, in powerlifting such a cycle can be optimal. As far as bodybuilding goes. Injecting yourself with a long ester of testosterone is just a no-no, but as part of a “mix” testosterone cypionate is very, very interesting.


The recommended cycle length is 6-15 weeks. Less than this makes no sense, and longer cycles are done by professionals who don’t need advice.

Doses range from 250 to 1000mg per week, but effective doses start at around 500mg, more than 1000mg is meaningless for simple athletes, it is much more effective to include a third drug in the cycle to achieve a synergistic effect.

Dosing frequency: In theory, Dragon Pharma Cypionate 250 can be injected every 2 weeks, however in practice it is often injected once a week, but more regular dosages are advisable, so we recommend injecting Long Ester 2-3 times a week depending on the dosage and the number of other drugs.

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Travis Kolb

test c 20 reviews

I feel very good since using Buy Dragon Pharma . Before that I had a different brand and was very often tired and listless. The training is going better, but since Im currently having problems with my blood levels, I have to use a lower dose. If the values improve, I will order again and inject 500 mg weekly. The core is very strong I think it is due to the dosage 0.5 at 250 mg is not little but I can handle it well. All in all Im happy with the dosage, Im not making huge leaps forward but it helps close the gap until Im better.


dragon pharma deca 300

Week 1 I started using there Dragon Pharma deca 300. 600 mg per week. By week 4 I was really starting to feel the pumps and seeing growth in my shoulders. Had a little piping but could just be me as it has happened with Decca in the past. By week 6 I went from 160 to 168. Body fat went up a few percent because Deca adds some water weight. That lets me know the stuff is real. By week 8 I had 172 much larger shoulders and thighs. I quit at week 8 and switched to there 50mg t3 and about 300mg test e that I had left over from another company. The t3 caused some nervousness but was used to it by week 2. After a month of using the t3, my body fat dropped 5 percent from 15 percent to 10 percent. I didnt feel like there were too many sides to the t3, just the nervousness and a bit of anxiety at times, but nothing I couldnt handle and the results were worth it. At 3rd month I stopped the t3 and switched to 20mg winstrol per day and continued the test e. Winstrol really put the icing on the cake and used it for four weeks. Definitely helped me lean after using Decca without losing too much of the muscle I just gained. Ive had some sore joints that I could tell really dried me out, so I am assuming the stuff is real and researched. 20mg Winstrol was my sweet spot, I dont think I could handle much more. If you have a temper I would stay away because I felt a lot more irritable while taking Winstrol. At the end of 3 months, body fat was down to 8 percent and body weight was 175, so overall Im very happy with the 5 pounds of muscle I gained. Im not trying to be huge, I just want to look good in a swimsuit lol. The overall experience was smooth sailing and we will definitely be returning.

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