Oxanabol Tablets Reviews

British Dragon Anavar / Oxanabol Tablets Reviews

Oxanabol Tablets Description:

BRAND: British Dragon
SUBSTANCE: Oxandrolone
STRENGTH: 10mg/tab
GOAL: Cutting
AMOUNT: 100 tabs

It is classified as a synthetic version of testosterone and has both anabolic and androgenic properties. In general, British Dragon Anavar stimulate the body enough to produce testosterone. The level of this hormone can drop after reaching the age of 50. This phase is known as the andropause, when sexual desire occurs. This product can be very useful in this regard, in the case that the specialist initially suggests, it is necessary to do some blood tests to check all body function. It has become widely used because it has higher anabolic effects without putting any strain on your organs. It is useful for those who cannot maintain normal weight for some unexplained reason.

Oxanabol Doses:

You should be very careful with the doses of British Dragon Anavar as you should take the tablets after consulting a specialist. The dose depends on your experience, your body weight, your medical conditions and your competitive sports goals. For men the dose is 30 mg to 80 mg per day and that for women is 5 mg to 15 mg per day. Although a higher dose of 100 mg for men and 20 mg for women has been observed, this is not very common. The study found it has a half-life of 8 to 10 hours and the daily dose needs to be split in two. A typical cycle lasts up to six weeks and nutritional supplements are taken after cycle therapy. You can find the recommended dose on the label and never allow yourself to be overdosed.

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