Etho-Masteron 200 Reviews

MANUFACTURER: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
GOAL: Lean Mass
TYPE: Injections
ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: Drostanolone Enanthate
STRENGTH: 200mg/ml
AMOUNT: 10ml vial


I used this product for 12 weeks with Testosterone Enanthate and I got lean muscles growth and strength increase.

I used it at 2ml/weeks and Test E as well at 2ml/week after which I followed PCT with CLOMID.

So far great mix to get over 20 lbs of muscles and smiles 🙂

Beligas vials feels solid in hand and during my 5 weeks (from 12) I feel almost no PIP from their drostanolone and enanthate. thank you!

From service to product to support and communication, everything was spot on and impeccable

Beligas products are the real deal. I ordered Beligas Etho Testosterone 300 mg/ml from a U.S. source. I used the semi-quantitative test from Roidtest and the test maxed out, showing at least 250 mg/ml of testosterone present. I have used the product for a few weeks now and it is definitely real, and is working better than I expected.

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