Test Cypionate vs Enanthate

Test Cypionate vs Enanthate. What is the difference? Many ask what is the difference between Test Cypionate vs Enanthate and that is a good question.

So here we go:

Testosterone Cypionate

Elimination half-life: around 8 days;
Excretion: 90% urine;
Contains 8-carbon ester chains
Appeared later than Enanthate on market and was more popular in US
May produce higher water retention (according to some bodybuilders)
Prescribed for TRT (due to its slightly slower release time)

Testosterone Enanthate

Elimination half-life: around 5 days;
Excretion: urine;
Contains 7-carbon ester chains
Was more popular in EU
Will give less water retetion (according to some bodybuilders)

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