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Site – Awesome site. Read the instructions and placing an order will be easy!
Shipping – What do you expect these products are coming from over seas. My packages have always shown up before expected arrival date.
Customer Support – These dudes are willing to help any way that they can. Response time is quick and well communicated.
Products – Awesome selection and they stand by their products!
Site – Site is easy to use
Shipping – order came 12 days sooner than expected, west coast us. Packing was tight!
Customer Support – Communication is prompt and friendly
Products – selection and quality of their products is top shelf!!! I will definitely use Antroids again!
Site – Reliable website. Never errors processing requests.
Shipping – Incredible delivery speed. Package shipped on 10/22/13, in hand on 11/1/13, only 10 days, INCREDIBLE!!!
Customer Support – Support is extremely reassuring and response time is very timely.
Products – Kalpa products are amazing. Even more so assuring is that when I go to Kalpa’s official website and view there product line up; the two different substances I received had the exact same Lot# and Expiration date as the most recent lot they have pictured. Into 48 hours of Dianoxyl and my appetite is furocious. Excellent products!!
Site – The site is Very easy, everyone is understanding and they’ll work with you step-by-step as one two three.
Shipping – Packages always confidential no one do not have a clue that’s what I like about this company
Customer Support – Customer service on point,I always get a feedback within 24 or 48 hours
Products – This is our second week using this product so I can’t really tell you anything yet but I will touch bases with you to let you know how good the quality. Reviews

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