Xeno labs

I used NPP, Tren A and Tren E, masterone p100, Test P and E, C and some test blend called Test b375 which was really better than my expectations.. for tabs i tried oxandrolone, stanozlol and dbol.. i contact them because i was suspected my vial is fake once. They confirmed that they have production on different parts of the world. I had Test c250 but theres test c200.. Im informed that both were legit. Us line is different than EU.. for effectiveness, trens was real deal for sure.. especially tren e was extremely potent. Probably overdosed. My supplier doesnt have all products everytime and a little pricy but if he has products i definitely be include this products to my cycle.. i didnt get any bad vial from this brand.. also dbol was extremely potent. Im usually ok with 50 mg per day but 50 mg caused too much water retention. I dropped to 30.. maybe over dosed or my other brand was bunk.. but all xeno products was extremely potent.. only downside is its a little pricy compared other stuff my supplier has. And its not always in stock.

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