is hands down the best source for acquiring top notch high quality gear. The level of integrity from this source is undeniable and unmatched. I've had a few successful orders. One was shipped internationally and one was shipped domestic both were very fast. My best friend has also been going through for over 7 years with a 0 success rate on orders. One of those transactions was snagged by customs on the way in to the country and he received a letter from customs stating that it was confiscated. He reached out to napsgear customer support and told them what had happened at which point they asked him to send a picture of the letter and as soon as he did they re sent the whole order at no extra cost to him. They also provide third party lab tests on their supplies. They don't offer only gear, you are able to shop for PCT'S, syringes, estrogen blockers, erectile dysfunction pills, etc… Napsgear is one of the few sites that refuse to solicit low quality products so you can rest easy knowing everything you purchase from them will be very effective. Naps offers rewards and loyalfy incentive programs. For each picture you post of orders received you can earn credits towards your next purchase. They also very generously offer of every purchase as a credit towards future purchases as well as referral rewards of up to for both you and the referred. I never write reviews this is literally the first one which was influenced by the absolute amazing service provided by naps. They are 0 trust worthy and have multiple ways of paying for your purchases. Naps is the #1 trusted source for gear which has earned them my business for a life time.

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