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Napsgear is my go to source for anything and everything. They are the BEST, hands down. Started ordering from them May 2023 and have made 5 orders already, plan to make many more. I have stuck with Dragon Pharma only as they were my first due to their massive selection and great deals/prices and I’ve never looked back. They have everything.. all compounds, accutane, and now peptides which is great. Everything I have ordered has exceeded my expectations, wish I knew about them when I first ran gear.. their stuff is overdosed, has to be. I used to have to run 100mg anavar to feel what I felt off of 30-50mg of DP, same with their test and DHB. Ive ramped up to roughly 100mg Test C and 100mg DHB and Im absolutely jacked and only adds clean quality muscle. I fluctuate around 208-215 for the past 2 months yet im getting bigger and stronger. DO NOT HESITATE ordering from Napsgear. If something goes wrong, they will make you right. They have best customer service and their responsiveness is extremely quick. I ordered 50mg Anavar but received 10mg, they gave me store credit after I showed them required proof. Easy. Done. Napsgear is the best, loyal customer for life.. no bull.

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